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My next special guests daily “Journey” is something extraordinary. She is a first responder, she herself has suffered trauma and with that trauma she felt called upon to create her own non-profit organization called Disaster Responder Assets Network. Nataly Kuznetsov was born in Moscow, grew up in Israel and found her way to the United States caring for our citizens as a Critical Care and Trauma Nurse. Her nature is to be calm and collected which is exactly what you need in times of crisis. I am so very grateful to have met her and looking forward to continuing to support her and her organization. Her primary mission for DRAN is to provide mental health support to our front line workers during this pandemic and beyond.


*The importance of mental health support.
*Nataly’s “Journey” of how she founded DRAN.
*Directing people to the right support.
*Making a choice to fall up.
*It’s okay not to be okay.

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