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We stand with Israel

Your Disaster Responder Assets Network (D-RAN) is proud to partner with Tactica Training Group & Krav Maga Institute (KMI) to raise funds to support those on the front lines in Israel and their families. Donate now and 100% of funds raised will be donated to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. Help us help those fighting for their lives and the lives of those they love.


This fundraiser is now closed.


As of 06/22/2024,  $18,192 has been donated! Thank you!


We are dedicated to providing resources to our front line responders and healthcare professionals during all phases of disaster.

What a Civilian Should Know ...

What the public should know during every phase of a disaster

What a Responder Should Know ...

What our public safety personnel should know during every phase of a disaster

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Stay informed on the current events with reliable sources

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How you can help us provide resources to those in need

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View photos and videos about our mission and learn how you can help

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